What does being
Values-led really mean?

In short, it means we use our values to help us make decisions. Decisions which are better for business, people AND the planet. When values translate from words into actions; that’s when they’re powerful, and that is exactly how we see our values. Actions, not words.



As a business, we have an activist mindset. That means where we feel something can be done better than the way it’s always been done, we’ll question it, challenge it, and wherever we can, change it.



We’re hugely ambitious for what mys can achieve. We want the experience of living in a mys building to be something people actively seek out; for mys to achieve B-corp status and be a strong influence for good in the industry and beyond.



We’re building and investing in a community of people – employees, residents and suppliers – who have a shared purpose in common. People matter to us. We’re proud to be a Living Wage Employer, and mys will always ensure that our buildings support and nurture their own local communities.



It is fundamental to our culture to be open minded. To question, and to challenge, you need to have the freedom to speak your mind. That’s something we value for our employees, residents and communities: but it means that as a company we’re always exploring new ideas and different ways of doing things.

When we say do, better —
that really does apply to everything.

We’re the first UK student living operator to be awarded pending B-Corp status, something which has always been fundamental to our business.

All our team are trained in carbon-literacy, and it’s something we consider at every point. But we’re not stopping there – we will continue to train our team and work towards becoming a Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO).

Our brand has been designed from the ground up to reflect our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Our colour palette, which comes from colours in the environment of our home city of Edinburgh, is designed to be low-energy digitally and in print.

We’ve made sure our website is low-carbon in design and we are constantly monitoring the site to make sure we lower our carbon footprint wherever we can.

We will seek to invest in new technologies wherever possible to ensure we can run all of our properties as efficiently as possible from an environmental, sustainability, and financial perspective.

The way we work is to always ask questions, to own it when we’ve got things wrong, to try to figure out a better way; and talk openly and honestly about what we learn along the way.

For us, it has never been just about spaces and buildings. We see a genuine opportunity for people who share our values to come together and do, better.

We firmly believe that by making this approach fundamental to how we work, we will build a strong reputation, making us the brand of choice for residents who recognise the importance of purpose; and in doing so, create the returns our investors require.


Doing better by making decisions that are good for people and the planet, and good for business.

One small decision at a time.