As we look into the latest findings from the Student Life Report 2024, it becomes very clear that students’ preferences for accommodation have changed quite significantly. 

At mys, we are big on our values because we believe the little things matter. You’ll see from the report what truly matters to students—hearing it directly from them. 

They want proximity to campus, community-oriented living spaces, essential amenities like high-quality Wi-Fi, convenient access to food and services, affordability, safety, ethical practices, and a supportive environment. 

These preferences align perfectly with our core values at mys. By staying true to our principles, we ensure our accommodation meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s students, creating spaces that truly feel like home. 

Here are some key insights of what students today really want from their accommodation providers, backed by figures and statistics from the Student Life Report 2024. 

Cost and Value 


Affordability remains a top concern, with 74% of students considering it a primary factor when selecting a brand or service. 

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, students are finding ways to balance affordability with quality, highlighting the need for accommodation providers to offer value-for-money options. 

Ethical and Value-Aligned Choices

Ethical considerations are increasingly important, with environmental concerns and value alignment rising by 14% and 82%, respectively. Accommodation providers that demonstrate commitment to sustainability and ethical practices are likely to attract more students. 

Proximity and Social Connectivity 

Location Matters

The number of students living with parents or caregivers has dipped significantly by 48% from the previous year, highlighting a trend towards independence and proximity to campus. 

Students living closer to their university report enhanced social benefits, with a notable increase in time spent on campus by 2.7 hours per week on average. 

Community and Social Spaces

Communal living and social spaces are crucial. Students like Isabella, a 20-year-old politics student at the University of Sussex, cherish shared living spaces where they can unwind with friends, resembling a close-knit community or family setting. 


Essential Amenities

High-quality Wi-Fi and study areas top the list of essential amenities. With 83% of Gen Z students using multiple screens at once, reliable internet connectivity is non-negotiable. 

Additional Insights 

In-Person vs. Online Interactions

While digital engagement is high, 55% of students prefer to socialise in-person, highlighting the importance of physical communal spaces within accommodation facilities. 

Even for online-originated friendships, the transition to in-person interactions is key for building lasting relationships. 

Emotional Wellbeing and Support

The emotional wellbeing of students is heavily influenced by their living environment. A supportive and friendly atmosphere can alleviate feelings of loneliness and anxiety, which are prevalent during the initial university days. 


Today’s students seek more than just a place to stay; they want proximity to campus, community-oriented living spaces, high-quality Wi-Fi, and convenient access to food and services. Affordability, safety, ethical practices, and a supportive environment are also key. At mys, we understand and cater to these needs by aiming to provide accommodation that aligns with our values of activism, ambition, community, and freedom. This commitment ensures we create a living experience that meets the evolving needs of the student population, making mys a place that truly feels like home.