04th Jun 2024


According to the latest StudentCrowd Report, the UK is facing a significant accommodation shortage for students, with a growing demand for student beds. This demand is likely to attract investment into the sector and shows the continued growth of PBSA as an asset class.  

The report shows that there is a significant demand for student beds, driven by the projected rise in the number of 18-year-olds until 2030. The shortage of student accommodation is now a key factor influencing university choices, with 59% of students indicating that it has impacted their decision-making process.  

Surprisingly though, when choosing accommodation, whilst affordability remains important it is no longer solely about the price but the value that students perceive they are getting. 

As the first values-led student housing company, we strive to stay focused on what our stakeholders and residents need. Ensuring we understand what our customers value. We are continuously learning and doing, better.  

Of course, as more investors are attracted to the market, we need to ensure that the product and those operating the building stay aligned to the products, services and approaches that students expect in their university accommodation. We know these values continue to change, which is why we’re always open to exploring new ideas and different ways of doing things. 

It goes without saying that we are dedicated to student wellbeing, to sustainability, and to community building – all factors that students currently prioritise when choosing their accommodation.  

As a new asset manager, we are already thinking about how to most effectively manage an asset for investors and deliver an elevated experience for students  

This starts from the ground up. We have developed a dedicated student brand which is, of course, sustainable and ensures that students and their needs are at the forefront of our buildings and service. As well as looking after our residents, we place a strong emphasis on the welfare of our staff, recognising the pivotal role they play in ensuring students have the best experience. Operating is a service industry and at mys, we have set our values to ensure that we excel, we do, better. 

This is why have developed an employee brand and engagement strategy which ensures that our teams’ values align with our mission and always want to go above and beyond for our residents. 

It is also the mys values that set us apart in the student accommodation industry.  

With a focus on activism, ambition, community, and freedom, we strive to challenge and create a positive impact for employees, residents, and the wider community. Especially with our efforts to achieve B Corp status, our focus on sustainability through carbon literacy, and our dedication to building and supporting local communities. 

By making decisions that prioritise people and the planet, we are fostering a strong reputation and creating returns for our investors.   

We welcome the investment in the sector and are here to support our partners through this changing landscape. Student accommodation as an investment class is doing great, but we know it can do, better. 

For more information on investing in student accommodation with mys, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]  

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