15th Apr 2024


The property investment sector is increasingly embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, shifting them from just good-to-have ethics to key parts of growing sustainably and adding lasting value. 

Understanding ESG: Environment, Social, Governance 

At the core of our journey towards sustainability and ethical operation lies the ESG framework, encompassing Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars. Each element plays an important role in shaping our actions and strategies, reflecting our commitment to not just being a business but a force for positive change. 

Environment: Paving the Way to Sustainability 

The ‘E’ in ESG stands for Environment, reflecting our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the planet’s health. This commitment is evident in our journey toward B Corp certification, showcasing our efforts in environmental stewardship through initiatives like our specially designed website aimed at minimising energy consumption and our thoughtful approach to business travel. These actions are not just about compliance but are a reflection of our respect for the natural world and our responsibility towards it. 

The Integral ‘S’ in ESG: A Core Focus 

The ‘Social’ part of ESG is the most important to us. To make environmental actions work well, they need to also have a positive impact on people and communities. For those investing in property, this means finding ways to be eco-friendly while also being good to society. 

Investing in properties should focus on being environmentally friendly and supporting the wellbeing and involvement of the community. This means looking beyond just the buildings and thinking about the people living in them. At mys, we are focused on making spaces that create welcoming, helpful communities. And for our student homes we want to improve how they live and help them do well in their studies. 

An important part of our values is supporting the National Living Wage, something every company should aim to do. At mys, we’re proud to support this initiative as we believe in treating everyone fairly.  

Governance: The Ethical Backbone of Our Operations 

Governance, the ‘G’ in ESG, underpins our operations with a framework of ethical practices and values. Our adherence to the rigorous standards required for B Corp certification is a testament to this commitment. We operate on a foundation of values such as community, freedom, activism, and ambition, ensuring that every decision is aligned with these principles. Our governance practices don’t stand for shortcuts, emphasising the importance of integrity and transparency in every aspect of our work. This approach not only sets a benchmark for ethical business practices but also reinforces our reputation as a trustworthy and principled player in the industry. 

However, we know we have more work to do in fully achieving our ESG goals. We’re striving to be leaders in sustainability and fairness, and while we’re making good progress, we’re not all the way there yet. Our goal is to set a great example for others in our industry by showing that it’s possible to do well by doing good, and we’re committed to getting even better in the future. 

The Path Forward for Property Investors 

Adopting an ESG-centric approach in the property investment sector is imperative for long-term success and sustainability. Our holistic strategy, balancing environmental concerns, social impact, and ethical governance, sets a forward-thinking, adaptable, and innovative roadmap for ourselves and others in the industry. 

We invite you to join us in this mission. Whether through potential collaborations, sharing ideas, or engaging in dialogues, let’s work together towards a more sustainable, fair, and responsible future in property investment. 

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